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About Us

saeed latif associates one of sahiwal's leading real estate agencies, has been providing people with homes and excaptional service since 1997. we have built our business on the needs of both buyer and seller through an excellent track record of credibility, cincerity, integrity and especially after sales support that's both caring and discreet


Saeed latif associates was founded 1997, the brainchild of two brothers, mohammed saeed toor (late) and haji abdul latif, we worked as a group and made ourselves strong . after a long period of hard work now we are strong , reliable and well reputed property agents.


Saeed latif associates has high experienced staff management on average has over 18 years in property management and related matters. the services offered includes a full range of management, administration, record keeping, marketing for residential, commercial, agricultural land and we are also town developers

What makes us different

We are glad to announce that saeed latif associates is a company which is only commissiom based. We neither become investors ourself nor we become a party in any deal. our clients privacy is always on our priority. All above mentioned things distinguishes us from other dealers.


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M Saeed Toor (Late) EX Founder Company


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Haji Abdul Latif CEO

0300 8697688

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Hassan Latif Managing Director

0300 8691325

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Ali Sufian Marketing Manager

0304 5725670

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Noman ZafarAccounts Manager

0332 8697688