Build Your Home - Saeed Latif Associates

Material specifications:             (1700/sq feet)


• A+ grade brick (awwal category)
• Coal baked


• DG Cement/maple leaf/lucky cement/ good quality branded cement as per availability and convinience.


• A+ quality ½ inch crush
• Origin from Margala mountain of taxila/Sargodha plant crush as per availability
• Plant processed
• Mountainous crush instead of pebble shaped river crush


• Genuine Model steel
• ¼ ½ and ¾ inch as per design
• 40 and 60 grade mix as per engineers design


• Good quality ravi sand or nurpur as per availability for RCC Lintel and Walls Plastering
• Ravi Sand for Brick Masonry and Flooring
• Soil for filling of foundation


• Full house false ceiling of plaster of Paris
• paint on ceiling as required

Flooring (granite tiles/wooden floors):

• good healthy price range for granite tile flooring as per choice of texture, color and size
• Master tiles/imported tiles/wooden as per choice
• Rooms and tv lounge upto 1400/m2
• Drawing room 1600/m2
• Kitchen 1600/m2
• Garage and side passage/gali tiles/marble china Verona/butisena at Rs. 750/m2


Ceramic tiles:

• Designed washroom with a good price range for the ceramic tiles
• 1 master washroom tiles at Rs 40000/washroom
• 2 bedroom attached washroom tiles at Rs 30000/washroom
• 1 Powder washroom tiles at Rs 20000/washroom

Tap sets:

• 1 master washroom tap set at Rs. 24000/washroom
• 2 bedroom attached washrooms tap sets at Rs 15000/washroom
• 1 powder washroom tap set at Rs 8000/washroom


• 1 master washroom commode set at Rs. 13000/washroom
• 2 bedroom attached washrooms commode set at Rs.7500/washroom
• 1 powder washroom flush set at Rs. 3500/washroom


• 1 master washroom sink/washbasin/vanity/console as per choice at Rs 13000/washroom
• 2 bedroom attached washroom sink sets at 5000/washroom
• 1 powder washroom sink set at Rs 3500/washroom

Note: Accessory sets: (soap dish, toiletries stand, towel stand, toilet roll rail ,mirror) are not included.

Wood work:


• American plywood engineered doors with steel jamb frame
• Wood polish
• Door locks at Rs 1000/lock
• 1 Solid wood (imported kail) main door as per design of choice
• Main door lock at Rs 5000/lock
• 7” inch chatakhni lock in 3 bed rooms doors


• 3 wardrobes as per design
• Chipboard ZRK/sonitex/alnoor frames at Rs. 1800/sheet
• Front doors of UV/tactile of Alnoor MDF boards at Rs. 6000/sheet
• Pressure jambs
• Aluminium trims doors taping
• Handles at Rs. 120/handle


• 2 kitchens as per design/color approved in advance
• Frames of ZRK/sonitex chipboards at Rs. 1800/sheet
• Front doors of UV sheets of Alnoor MDF or imported at Rs. 6500 to 7500/sheet
• Aluminium trim door taping
• Kitchen handles at Rs 120/handle
• Granite/marble kitchen slabs of choice of color at Rs 3750/m2
• Kitchen accessories of Rs. 10000 complimentary
• Kitchen sink mixer at Rs. 3000/mixer (for two kitchens)
• kitchen sinks

Note: hud, hob, Korean seamless slabs not included

Media walls:

• Two media/LED walls as per design approved at Rs. 12000/wall


• Granite/Marble stairs case at Rs.3750/m2
• Steel rails case at Rs 900/foot

Electric Works:

• Imported Circuit breakers of Hager
• Pakistan Cables(or equivalent) branded Electric Cables
• Good Quality Pakistani brand Sockets and universal plugs of Eagle or equivalent
• LED bulbs, lights at Rs 12500(for the whole house)
• Cable tv wiring
• Telephone/DSL landline wiring
• Air conditioning pre installed points

Note: ceiling Fans, bracket fans, exhaust fans, air conditioning, and heating system not included

Sewerage system:

• Very good quality sewerage system with an expert plumber
• “Popular” pipes (or equivalent), joints and P-traps
• Dura water tank 200 gallons

Aluminum and Glass works:

• Chawla or prime Aluminum(or equivalent) gauge 1.3mm with 4.5” aluminum brackets (silver or Champaign color)
• Ghani glass(or equivalent) (white or green or blue ocean)
• 3 way windows system
• Fixed Steel window Grills
• Mosquito net and glass sliders
• At Rs 425/sq.foot

Note: any additional cost due to change in color of glass or aluminum not included

Main Gate:

• Wide Main gate with fixed walk through gate
• At Rs 40000/gate


• ICI/Master (or equivalent) water based emulsion of color of choice for interior
• ICI/Master (or equivalent) water based weather shield for exterior
• Oil based paints on window grills
• Oil based paints of color of choice on Main Steel gate

Note: accessories such as geyser, Air conditioners, fans, heaters, chandeliers, kitchen Hood and hob , microwaves oven, cooking range etc are not included.